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 Managed Sentinel

An always updated cyber security and threat management platform

Fortytwo Managed Microsoft Sentinel
Your Cyber Security Workforce

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In today's digital landscape, cyber security is not just a necessity; it's a critical component of any successful business.

With Fortytwo Managed Sentinel, you gain more than just a service; you acquire a dedicated cyber security workforce.


Our experts are committed to ensuring your Microsoft Sentinel solution is not only current with the latest threat detection mechanisms but also seamlessly integrated with other Microsoft security products like Microsoft 365 Defender.


In the event of an incident, our responsive guidance through a detailed workbook empowers your incident responders to act swiftly and effectively, safeguarding your environment against emerging threats.

Get started fast with coded and well tested automated deployment.

Shared and collaborative efforts for development of detection rules.

Functionable configuration baseline from day one, including detection rules.

Avoid pitfalls and cumbersome reconfiguration

Simple and fixed pricing

Optinally billing through Azure Marketplace


Managed Sentinel

  • Continuous Deployment from Fortytwo, always running the latest version of our recommended Microsoft Sentinel configuration in your own environment.

  • Large set of Detection rules and Incident creation logic added with incident enrichment for faster investigation

  • An incident response workbook with detailed guidelines on how to respond to each incident.

  • Configuration of recommended TAXII providers for threat information.

  • Connector and log monitoring.

Fixed price $1.133/month.


Add-on: Eyes on Daytime

  • Eyes-on weekdays between 08-16:00 GMT+1 for incident triage (prioritization and initial investigation).

  • Active incident response for critical incidents (based on incident triage) *

  • Alerting on critical incidents within one hour (08-16:00 GMT+1)

  • Dialogue with experts via Teams for coordinated incident handling.

  • SecOps checklists to follow-up security hygiene in Entra ID and Defender XDR suite.

    * Hourly billing for active incident response.

Fixed price $1.999/month.

Fixed monthly pricing

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