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 Managed Sentinel

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Managed Sentinel

  • A standardized and effective way of managing Microsoft Sentinel configuration.

  • Built on infrastructure-as-code to enable for controlled and trackable deployment.

  • Enables fast onboarding of Microsoft Sentinel with a Common set of rules and configuration as a baseline serving different needs, ranging from insourcing to MDR/SOC as a service.

Why Managed Sentinel?

Fast setup of Microsoft Sentinel , also helps to built and maintained by a dedicated Microsoft security team

Shared, collaborative effort for development of detection rules – best

of both worlds

Functionable configuration baseline from day one, including detection rules

Avoid pitfalls and cumbersome reconfiguration at a later stage

What is included in Managed Sentinel?

Let us take care of your Sentinel platform so you can focus on your core business. Our security experts will ensure that your Microsoft Sentinel solution is always up to date with the latest threat detection mechanisms and properly integrated with other Microsoft security products, as well as 3.rd party integrations.

  • Continuously updated Sentinel instance in your own Azure environment.

  •  Access to global threat intelligence and analysis.

  • Analytics rules and ML based anomaly detection.

  • Watchlists for extra correlation against critical entities.

  • Status meetings and cost advisory.

  • Incident creation logic with optional alerting to customer.

  • Workbooks with response routines for most common alerts.

  • Team of experienced cyber defence experts available via phone, email and chat. (Teams preferred).

Simple Pricing 

Fixed price, billed through your Microsoft subscription

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