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Managed Azure Kubernetes

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Kubernetes by Fortytwo, robust and secure out of the box

  • Azure Marketplace offering that sets up a secure, production-ready Kubernetes cluster.

  • Designed with security and best practices in mind, ensuring a ready-to-go environment for your production workloads, leveraging GitOps principles from the outset.

  • Monitoring and observability are included out-of-the-box, providing reduced overhead and a variety of guides to support your journey

Who needs a Managed Azure Kubernetes


This offering is ideally suited for a wide range of users, particularly those eager to embrace Kubernetes but may feel overwhelmed by its complexity and the operational overhead it typically entails. It serves as an excellent starting point for beginners, offering a simplified and streamlined entry into the Kubernetes ecosystem. Additionally, this solution is perfect for organizations looking to conduct Proof of Concept (POC) projects on Kubernetes. It provides a secure, robust foundation with zero technical debt, allowing users to start on the right foot and scale their implementations efficiently.


Recognizing that security is paramount, especially in cloud-native environments, our offering ensures enhanced security configurations are in place from the get-go.

It embraces GitOps principles, catering to the needs of modern, cloud-native production environments. 

Our solution directly addresses the common challenge of securing an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster when using default settings or through standard portal deployments.

The approach not only streamlines deployment and management processes but also significantly boosts efficiency, reliability, and consistency across the board.

Simple Pricing 

Fixed price, billed through your Microsoft subscription

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