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Activisory Service
Let us drive your organization towards a higher security posture

We help ensure that your Microsoft 365 and Azure environments are configured with recommended and best-practice security settings and policies.

The service combines our Fortify Portal, monthly assessments, and guidance sessions, as well as daily availability of cybersecurity experts on Teams or Slack.

Activisory provides high-end cybersecurity for businesses of any size. Our experience tells us that cybercriminals target entities of all scales

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Have you implemented the latest security features available in your Microsoft environment?

How it works


 We identify necessary measures 

Using our Fortify Portal, Microsoft Defender, Secure Score and other tooling we scan, plan and identify recommended configuration and implementation needs.


 Monthly meeting with proposal 

Our experienced consultants can ensure that each task is executed with the highest quality. However, if you prefer to undertake the implementation yourself, that is also an option.


 Iterate until awesome 

Since this is a service the process restarts and together we work iteratively and continuously towards a higher grade of security posture. Security work never stops.

Fortifying Your Defense: Insights into Ongoing Security Configurations by Our Cyber Defence Team

Even with up-to-date in-house security competency and focus, it could be that you need a helping hand to stay alert. Partnering with a dedicated Security partner can provide that extra layer of vigilance. New technology, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, have given cyber criminals new tools and target groups.

Changes in Azure and Microsoft 365 happen at a very high speed, and it's extremely difficult to always keep up-to-date with the right security configuration. A Security partner can help bridge that gap, ensuring that your security posture remains robust against evolving threats.

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Meet the experts

Say Hi to some of our Activisory Experts

Jakob Hus Digranes - Small - BW Moody-2.jpg

Principle Cloud Engineer

Jakob Hus Digranes

Specializing in Microsoft 365, Azure AD, and cloud security. With a career spanning over 20 years, starting as an instructor, then system administrator, and over 15 years as a consultant/team leader.

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Kjetil Hansen - Small - BW Moody-3.jpg

Principle Cloud Engineer

Kjetil Stubbom Hansen

Specialicing in Microsoft Cyber security portefolio. Amassed over 15 years of experience in the industry, mainly in various roles within infrastructure projects.

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Fixed monthly pricing

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