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Managed Identity Services

Experience the next level of HR and identity management integration with Fortytwo Managed Identity Services.

Unlock the full potential of your Microsoft ecosystem with our Managed Identity ServicesMicrosoft Entra is now ready to give you all features needed for a comprehensive IAM solution.

Fortytwo Managed Identity Services

With Managed Identity Services you get a trustworthy and automated synchronization between HR and Microsoft Entra ID of your employees' user
accounts, without the need for complex and expensive Identity & Access Management systems. Let us take care of on- and offboarding so you can spend time
growing your business.

As experts in Microsoft identity solutions, we specialize in empowering organizations to seamlessly integrate and efficiently manage Microsoft Entra ID.

Key Features

Functionality You Will Love


 Data Synchronization 

Our HR Provisioning ensures synchronization of employee data from your HR system to Active Directory and Entra ID, reducing manual efforts and minimizing the risk of discrepancies.


 Automated Joiner-Mover-Leaver Process 

Our HR Provisioning automates the entire joiner-mover-leaver process, linking HR events directly to the corresponding user accounts in Entra ID. This results in efficient onboarding, relocation, and offboarding procedures. The service can also be used in conjunction with Entra ID Lifecycle Workflows, to customize the onboarding workflow.


 Audit Trail and Reporting 

Gain insights into the provisioning activities with a comprehensive audit trail. Detailed reports provide transparency and accountability, allowing you to track changes and ensure compliance.


 Seamless Integration 

Our service seamlessly integrates with Entra ID, establishing a robust connection that guarantees the accuracy and consistency of user account information.


Customizable Mapping

Tailor the mapping of HR data fields to Active Directory and Entra ID attributes based on your organization's unique requirements. This flexibility ensures that the service adapts to your specific HR data model.


 Scalability and Reliability 

Fortytwo HR Provisioning is designed to scale with your organization's growth. The service is built on a reliable infrastructure, ensuring continuous operation and data integrity.


Exceptional Quality


Ensure that you can utilize the full potential of your already purchased licenses.


Eliminate manual data entry and reduce the risk of errors by automating the provisioning process.


Eliminate manual processes for IT.


Ensure compliance with HR policies and regulations through accurate and timely updates to user accounts in Entra ID.


HR Provisioning prioritizes data security, employing industry-standard protocols to safeguard sensitive HR information during transmission and storage.


Employees experience minimal disruption as their Entra ID accounts seamlessly reflect HR-related changes, fostering a positive user experience.

Unlocking Seamless Access: Navigating the Realm of Microsoft Entra ID

Green lock and worl illustration

Microsoft Entra ID serves as a cloud-based identity and access management powerhouse, providing your employees seamless access to a vast array of external resources. This includes essential platforms like Microsoft 365, the Azure portal, and a diverse universe of SaaS applications.

Not stopping there, Entra ID extends its support to internal resources, facilitating access to apps nestled within your corporate intranet and any cloud applications tailor-made for your organization. Looking to set up your own tenant? Dive into the process with our guide on creating a new tenant in Microsoft Entra ID.

Modular approach

With our modular approach to a comprehensive IAM solution, you, as our valued customer, gain the power to manage costs effectively while evolving towards a seamlessly automated and highly secure Cloud IAM solution. Maximize Your Investment by leveraging the licenses you've already acquired from Microsoft and Entra ID for a seamless transition and an elevated identity management experience.

Fortytwo Managed Identity Modules

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